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Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited is founded in 1968. Today we are Asia's leading manufacturer of lace, embroidery, warp and weft knitted fabrics for lingerie, swimwear and sportswear. The subsidiaries of Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited are equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and professional technology to offer a "one-stop solution" for intimate, swimwear and sportswear production for individual client's needs and preferences.

Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited runs our own dyeing house since 1991. We developed our own Water Resources Management System, two water treatment plants are invested and constructed. The quality of discharge effluent from Sun Hing is superior than national discharge standard, especially for the lower value of COD. Moreover, we have been investing more than 3 millions US dollar in a solar energy project with 7,200 solar battery panels in 6 buildings of tatal 23,000m² floor area.

Our excellent environmental protection works are recognized and achieved "Green Company" awarded by Shenzhen City and being an awardee of 2007 Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award. Among companies from all over the world, we won OEKO-TEX® Sustainability Award-Environmental Management in 2013. We are also awarded by Marks & Spencer the one and only "Eco-Standard Dyehouse" in 2015.


Sun Hing Group Profile

Subsidiaries: Sun Hing Textiles (Hong Kong) Limited, Sun Hing Textiles (Shenzhen) Limited, Sun Hing Elastic Covering Factory Limited, SunPo Molding (International) Limited.

The total factory area 650,000 square meter.

Production plant approximately 350,000 square meter.

Dormitory and recreational facilities 300,000 square meter.

We have around 5,000 employees.

Sun Hing Group Organizational Structure


Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited was awarded: Shenzhen Customs District, People's Republic of China Confirmation of Class AA Management Enterprise

The Measures of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the Classified Management of Enterprises: Decree of the General Administration of Customs No.170

In order to encourage the enterprises to abide the laws, improve the effectiveness of customs administration and ensure the effectiveness of customs administration, the Administrative Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Performing Classified Management of Enterprises by the Customs amended by the General Administration of Customs formally came into effect as of April 1, 2008.

The customs will establish five management classes: AA, A, B, C, D in accordance with compliance with laws, administrative regulations, customs regulations, the relevant incorrupt rules and operations and management status, and the customs supervision, statistical records, to perform evaluation and classification, and announce the management class of the enterprises.

The General Administration of Customs will apply formulate appropriate different management measures for different class, in which AA class and A class are applicable to convenient measures on customs clearance, B class is applicable to normal management measures, C class and D class are applicable to strict regulatory measures.

In Shenzhen, not so many companies were awarded as AA status, we were awarded as one of the few dozens of proud “AA” enterprises due to our excellent management, social responsibilities and reputation.

新兴工业集团有限公司被授予AA类管理决定书 Unit Name: Sun Hing Elastic Factory, Shu Tian Pu Village, Gong Ming Road, Bao An District SC(2009) No. 134
Our customs registered number for “AA enterprise” by Shenzhen Custom: 44039B5001

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