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Breakthrough of product - Grand technology in textiles derives Comfortable, Outstanding and Tender experience(grandCOT)

Editor: SunHing │ Date: July 09, 2019

产品新突破 - 新兴工业集团锦康纱多功能布(grandCOT)

Inorganic Particles

Adding inorganic powder during high temperature production rocessing will not affect the characteristic of Nylon yarn. The yarn still keeps its high tenacity, excellent absorption properties and brightness appearance even after fabric dyeing. Inorganic powder enhances multifunction such as anti-bacterial, anti-odor, far infrared(FIR) radiation, negative ion emission, UV protection and moisture wicking etc.

Inorganic particles includes light reactive material and modified bamboo charcoal powder.

Light reactive material

During illumination, light reactive material will break down those harmful to human and environmental substances, activate anti-bacterial and anti-odor function. Besides, the reaction also changes the surface of grandCOT multifunctional yarn, that improve water evaporation, so sweat will not stay on skin for long period of time.

Modified bamboo charcoal powder

Modified bamboo charcoal powder provides excellent anti-bacterial and moisture absorption properties. This helps to keep skin in fresh and dry condition. Bamboo charcoal powder also has the function of far infrared radiation and negative ionrelease which can improve microcirculation.


Inorganic particles are added into Nylon yarn, the yarn becomes multifunctional: FIR RADIATION, NEGATIVE ION EMISSION, MOISTURE WICKING, BACTERIOSTATIC, ODOR RESISTANT, UV PROTECTION.



FIR fabric traps heat and absorb heat.

Heat release from skin surface.

Heat is transferred and released as FIR.

FIR enters skin and heats up body. This improves blood circulation and raise oxygen level in blood. These can enhance metabolism and delay aging problem.



Body ages when body cells accumulatefree radical damage over time through natural human physiological process and the environment. Stress, smoking, alcohol or air pollutants may be the cause of free radicals. Negative ions helps to balance and prevent oxidation by neutralizing free radicals in our cells. As a result, cells are revitalized and immunity are strengthened.

Free radical steals an electron from DNA. Accumulation of DNA damage leads to cell death which can cause premature ageing cancer.

Negative ion gives an extra electron to free radical.

This atom is now neutralized. This reduces free radical in body and lower the risk of sickness and disease.



grandCOT multifunctional yarn can inhibit bacterial growth, reduce possibility of bacterial infection and the unpleasant smell caused by it.



Inorganic powder is a Nano scale materials, included light reactive material, which gives the yarn a loose porous structure. The increasing surface area allow better water evaporation thus avoiding sweat stays on skin. Moisture wicking ability activated.

Inorganic powder also obtain modified bamboo charcoal powder wjich has moisture absorption properties to keep underwear and skin in fresh and dry condition.


UVA rays age skin cells and damage their DNA. These rays are linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles. grandCOT multifunctional yarn protect skin from harmful UV rays. Therefore, application of this yarn on sportswear could protect skin damages caused by rays.


锦康纱多功能 + 多种织造技术

Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited is a large-scale Hong Kong-funded enterprise specializing in the production of various underwear fabrics and accessories. Its affiliates have advanced machinery and professional technology to provide a one-stop solution for underwear, swimwear and sportswear. Including milk fiber, bamboo fiber, SpaFX, Micro Modal, Recycle Polyester, Organic Cotton, bioactive fiber and other fabrics; high needle count double-sided cloth, plain cloth, rib cloth and jacquard cloth, various functional cloths and characteristic fabrics such as: moisture absorption Wetting products such as wicking fabrics, warm fabrics, deodorant fabrics, chilly fabrics, and powdery fabrics; sports mesh, elastic mesh, double drapes, elastic satin, double ribbed fabric, elastic skater Warp-knitted products such as cloth, single-drawing cloth, Triskin, etc.; piece embroidery, sequin embroidery, colorful yarn embroidery, embroidered lace, scissors, pearl embroidery, different patterns of gold and silver copper embroidery and water-soluble car technology Flower products; nylon yarn and polyester yarn; cotton plain cloth, fixed yarn, soft yarn series; lace, printing, mold cup and other products.

The company's products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia. It enjoys a high reputation in the world's famous underwear brands and is a high-quality customer of many famous clothing brands around the world. At the same time, it is also the only leading company in the global textile and apparel industry that has been rated as an environmental star by OEKO-Txe.

If you are interested in our products, please call the hotline +86 0755-27121828 or send an e-mail to sunhing@shLtd.com. We will serve you warmly.

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