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Green at heart

Green at Heart is the core philosophy of Sun Hing Industries Holding Ltd. It governs the ways that its production affects the environment and quality of life.

Ever since its establishment in 1968, this very philosophy has manifested itself in the group’s products, resource management and staff development at its impressive 650,000 m² factory complex in Shenzhen, China.

Eco-friendly dyes and chemicals are used to breathe rich colours into the yarns and fabrics, which are flattering to the body and harmonious with nature. Clear water is discharged to refresh and revitalize the stagnant Maozhou river. In addition, the 4,000 staff members live in a thriving community with abundant recreation and educational opportunities.

Sun Hing’s deep appreciation of the intrinsic link between beauty, life and nature spurs on its growth and creativity. This will continue to resonate in the various features of the group.



In 2012, "Ecological Shenzhen" campaign was officially launched in March 2012. Organizations who had created green homes, or any environmental activities extensively in Shenzhen can submit their contributions to "Ecological Shenzhen Green Expert Committee" for review.

Six green enterprises were finally selected from tens of thousands of registered companies from Shenzhen, due to our outstanding achievements.

with regard to human-ecologically optimized textiles and sustainable production; our core value “green at heart” to advocate a harmonious balance between manufacturing industry and impact on our environment.

On June 5, 2012, we were named as one of six green companies by Shenzhen City. Our certificate was issued by “Ecological Shenzhen “ and was personally presented by Shenzhen's Vice Mayor, Lv Ruifeng.

Won the Oeko-Tex Company of the Month "August 2012"


2012年 新兴工业集团 荣获OEKO-TEX 8月之星

OEKO-TEX Sustainability Award 2013 Winner - ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (12 June 2013, Frankfurt Germany)

OEKO-TEX Sustainability Award 2013




Oeko-Tex 全球可持续发展大奖-环境管理

MARKS & SPENCER Eco-Dyehouse Standard

MARKS & SPENCER 环保染厂标准证书

Water Resources Management

The water from Maozhou River, heavily polluted with domestic and industrial waste, is drawn and purified by Sun Hing every day, which then pumps the treated water into its 400,000 m³ Sun Hing Lake as reserve.

The water treatment plant of Sun Hing also features a beautiful, lush artificial wetland area spanning 20,000 m², and an oxidation pond of 50,000 m³, where the after-production waste water undergoes bio-chemical degradation and purification. Sun Hing uses eco-friendly dyes and chemicals in all the production lines, the waste water after dyeing and finishing is 100% treated before discharge.

At present, Sun Hing discharges 5,000 tons treated waste water per day. 40% is reused in production and 60% goes back into the Maozhou river. The discharged water supersedes the Class 1 Discharge Standard set by Guangdong province. It is in fact much cleaner than the river itself.




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